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How to Sharpen Utility Blades in 14 Simple Steps (And 5 Alternative Sharpening Tools To Know)

A utility knife has a vast range of uses at home and work. It is a reliable cutting tool for cardboard, carpet, and cords. Basically, we can use a designed utility blade to cut objects with thick or tensile bodies like a cable wire or a piece of rope. However, just like any other knives […]

Sharpening Your Knives For Safer Cutting: Sharpening Guides 101

Knives are a vital tool for any cook, and their use is to chop, dice, slice and mince ingredients into the right size and shape for your recipes. But, it’s not only in the kitchen where knives are so very important, they are important in hunting, gardening among other things. However, without a sharp knife, […]

Knife Sharpening Basics – Sharpen Kitchen Knives

A sharp knife is important: easier to work with, and maybe surprisingly, safer to use. Not only do chefs need sharp knives for their job. Everyday cooking can become a lengthy and complex process with dull knives. Before sharpening, it is essential to understand some basics regarding the angle, knife material, blade shape, and abrasives […]

What Are The Different Ways to Sharpen Knives?

In the following article, you can read about the tools and methods, the advantages and disadvantages, and technical questions for buying the correct sharpener for your knife. Contents Grits – What Is It And Why Its Important In Knife Sharpening? Grit refers to the coarseness of the diamond, a water stone sharpener – the abrasive […]