When the knife is sharp, preparing ingredients is a breeze and cooking is more enjoyable! We decided to get into a kitchen sharpening business to remove the unnecessary stress in the kitchen brought about by dull knives. We are dedicated to helping home chefs in New York spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their families by simply sharpening their kitchen knives!

We have used knife sharpening services in the past years and our only complaint is the inconvenience. We either mail in our knives and wait for days to have them back or go out of our way and visit a shop to have our knives returned on the same day. Sometimes, when the shop is very busy, we have to return the following day to collect our knives! It was such a hassle!

So, we decided to bring our knife sharpening service to your doorstep through our Mobile Sharpening Truck! You do not have to travel; you just have to sit comfortably at home or do your other tasks while we sharpen your knives. Also, you won’t wait for long because we will sharpen your knives on the spot and return it to you right after!

We believe that sharpening your knives should not take so much energy, time and effort from your end because you have a home to take care of.

If you need a kitchen sharpening service and you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, contact us. Book appointment now!