Instantly Make Your Old Knives Feel New

Some companies require you to ship your knives to them. And your local knife sharpening service is owned by a locksmith or something.Our knifesmith will return your knife sharper than the day you bought them, on-site and same day.That’s why speed and quality are our highest priorities. Just let us know what date and location works for you.

The Process

Schedule a place and time for pickup
We drive to your location of choice. We Service Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Long Island
Sharpen and fix your knife. Then return right back once done. Simple, fast and easy.

Our Services

Small Orders (2-5 Items)
3 Items
4 Items
5 Items
Large Orders (7+ Items)
7 Items
10 Items
11+ Items


What is Your Timeline for This Process?

Once you drop it off to us, our professionals will get to work right there and then. The time to sharpen knife is different due to each blade size. The duration also varies depending if the knives are damaged or chipped. It should be more or less 10-15 minutes per item.

How to Transport Knives to You?

When transporting, please wrap the blades in a towel or newspaper and then place them in a paper bag.

Is Professional Knife Sharpening Worth It?

Yes, everyone should reuse and sharpen their current knives, unless the handle is broken. This way we can be environmentally friendly. The best part is that the knives will be sharper than a new knife.

What Kind of Knives and Tools do You Service?

We service anything that has an edge; serrated knives, paring knives, pocket knives, kitchen knives, scissors, hand shears, loppers, pruners, axes, and hatchets.

Where Can I Sharpen My Knife in NYC?

You can sharpen your knife at any location of your choice. You can pick a good place and time by making an appointment. And our mobile knife sharpening service will go to you.

Unlike other knife sharpening services that need you to mail in your knives that can take weeks, or local knife sharpenings that sharpen knives as a secondary service. GoSharpening only sharpen blades and we do it really well. Our mobile sharpening services can travel within any of the NYC’s five boroughs.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Knife Professionally Sharpened in NYC

Average cost is about 11$-17$ to have your knife sharpened professionally in New York City, N.Y.

Why Pay a Knivesmith to Sharpen Your Knives

We Have the Skills and Expertise

Knife sharpeners and honing steels can help you in sharpening your knives at home, but do you know that each knife has different bevels. We assess the bevel or angle of your knife’s edge and recreate it precisely. For instance, Japanese knives have a 15-degree bevel while European and American knives have a 20-degree bevel. And that can vary from brand to brand and even knife to knife.Different blades such as serrated knives, paring knives, pocket knives, and kitchen knives need different tools for best knife sharpening. With our skilled professionals, we assure you that we will return your knives to you like they are brand new!

Best Value for Money

We understand that some people are hesitant to get our service because they think it’s expensive or because they think they can do our job. But if you check our pricing list, you will see that we do not charge so much for our service.Our knife masters will repair your knives and return them to you without the long wait and even better than brand new at a reasonable price.Those who paid for our knife sharpening service were very pleased that they no longer invest in sharpening products. Instead, they let us to do the job for them because they couldn’t achieve the results that we deliver!You don’t even need to walk anywhere to ship your knives or local knife sharpening place.

For Your Safety

Sharpening a kitchen knife appears easy, but you risk harming yourself if you do it wrong. If you do not have anyone to sharpen your knife and you desperately need it because you have guests coming and have to prepare a feast, you do not need to do it and risk yourself from getting injured. Instead, you can call us! We have professionals who have been doing knife sharpening for years, they will do the job right and fast for you.

To Avoid Further Damage

If you have a particular kitchen knife that has a sentimental value to you and you do not want to get rid of it, but it’s already ineffective, we can repair it for you.

We’ll carefully sharpen your knife as if the knife was pass down from our great grandfather.

We came across customers who contacted us after trying to sharpen their knives, only to realize later on that they only made it worse.If your knives or kitchen shears are so important to you, do not experiment with them. Instead, leave them to the pros. We will make them as efficient as they were when you first used them! So, if you need knives sharpened, book us now!

Sharp Blades Make Life Easier and Faster!

We know you have a lot of things on your plate and want to spend less time in the kitchen. You rather have family time or spend time on your hobbies. So, there is no room for dull knives!When your knife doesn’t work as it should, you should immediately sharpen it. An unsharpened knife will double your chopping time.Also, dull knifes are not only ineffective but dangerous too. Dull knives could slip and cut your fingers.For New Yorkers with dulled and chipped knives that don’t know how to use a knife sharpener but desperately need to sharpen their kitchen knives, cheer up because we have the solution for you!GoSharpening is at your service! We can make your old and damaged knives sharper than new.We understand the urgency to sharpen your knives, so we make the process easy and fast for you. Unlike the other sharpening services, you do not have to visit our shop or mail in your old knives because that will take days.Just schedule a date and we will drive to your location to sharpen your knives on the spot. We will sharpen them and return them to you better than new; so you’ll be on time to make dinner.